Today, I’m excited to announce 2 important milestones for Xplenty. We have received $4 million of funding from Bain Capital Ventures, True Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners, and I’m happy to welcome Bill Lehmann of Bain Capital Ventures to our board of directors. Existing Xplenty investors Magma Venture Partners and Waarde Capital also participated in the round. The investment will allow Xplenty to continue to grow globally and develop new platform capabilities.

We’re also announcing the acquisition of Driven, Inc. Driven is a leader in big data application infrastructure, delivering platforms that help enterprises create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale. Driven is also the team behind Cascading, a popular technology for data applications – with more than 150,000 user downloads each month. Cascading is a platform for creating and running complex big data workflows atop Hadoop clusters, without having to “think” in MapReduce. Cascading is used by thousands of businesses globally, including eBay, Twitter, Airbnb, Etsy, and SoundCloud. With the acquisition, the team here, at Xplenty, will continue to support the Cascading open-source project and serve as a sponsor for the Cascading community, driving the development and evolution of the software forward.

I believe that the need for Cascading will continue to grow in the years ahead and we look forward to being an active part of its success by helping its dedicated community continue to expand and achieve greater results.

At this point I’d like to take the opportunity and thank our customers, for your trust in us. The new funding and the acquisition are setting the stage for our team to continue providing you with a great product, great features and great support, as the leading data integration platform on the cloud.